Well, it’s the sad truth that I didn’t win the Kelly & Michael Unstoppable Mom contest. I know this isn’t really a DIY, crafty blog or about small business, but “technically” it kind of is about small business. I know – the title Unstoppable Mom doesn’t have “small business” written all over it, but if it weren’t for my mom I NEVER would have had the opportunity to buy a salon/spa several years ago and I never would have survived the heartache of losing it. And, if it weren’t for my mom and the support she gives my brother (and his girlfriend) and me I would not have another small business (this time it’s part-time while I work full-time) and my brother wouldn’t have as much for his small business as he does today.

I would like share with all of you the nomination I submitted on behalf of my amazing and wonderful mother, Donna. The people who won deserved it, but my mother deserves to win day in and day out! Scott and I would not be the people we are today – the “responsible” adults, the hard workers, the “never quitters”, the “we will get through this” people we have become.

Through illness, divorce, single parenthood, working full-time, losing a job because of me, keeping up the house, and everything else that goes along with being a great mother; my mom, Donna Lewis, has been there through thick and thin for my brother Scott and me. Not a moment has gone by that she hasn’t cheered us on or helped us in some way. In 2006 I was presented with an opportunity to buy a salon and be a business owner, a life long dream, and my mother helped me make that happen. She put her house on the line for me to make my dream come true and when I had to close my business she (and my step-father) almost lost their house for me! She helped me keep the salon going for as long as possible, and has been there for me since it closed in 2008. My mother and I are more than mother and daughter – we are friends. We shop together, go to movies, the theatre, and even make an annual drive from Atlanta, GA to Groton, CT to visit my grandmother (her mother who is 90 and lives alone). I work full-time today, but miss having my own business full-time and she fully supports my new little side business. She is also extremely supportive of my brother and his girlfriend and the business they are trying to create for themselves. My mother has been there financially for me as well as for them, but beyond that she has been encouraging! She has never, ever told us we cannot accomplish something. If we try it – she roots us on! She is our cheerleader and the backbone of our family. Though Crohn’s disease can make her life miserable – you would never know it! She is full steam ahead.  Nothing will keep her down. Despite 2 surgeries removing most of her large and small intestines, my mother does not stop. When I was sick after her 2nd surgery she was ready to fly to where I was to be with me. Since childhood everyone of our friends has called her “mom” – she is the mom everyone wishes they had. Scott and I are lucky to call her mom!!

We don’t have many opportunities to see my brother, but this year my mom and I are extending our trip and we will be going to Maine as well as Connecticut so that we can get some family photos!

So, just in case she doesn’t know it – SCOTT AND I LOVE YOU WITH ALL OUR HEARTS. THANK YOU FOR ALWAYS SUPPORTING AND BELIEVING IN US. Wickedly Wooden and GeminiRed Creations are businesses today because you believed in us since birth!