As you may recall in a previous Sunday Spotlight I mentioned a small business networking group I belong to on Facebook. That group has given me the opportunity to “meet” some really great people and, need I say, people with some pretty awesome companies! One such person is Erica Bean of “Print My” – when I sent Erica some questions asking about her business it was clear to see that determination is what drives her and her business.

Let me introduce you to Erica!


GeminiRed Creations: Why did you start the business?
Erica: I started PrintMy because I was not a professional photographer but I knew my work was more worthy than a print from the drugstore printer.

printmy logo


GeminiRed Creations: What inspires you?
Erica: I love photography! The peacefulness of the beach….. I tend to do a lot of nature photography!  I am always inspired by what other people send us to have printed, and how everyone’s eye for the art is different.  We can all look at the same thing yet see it differently.

GeminiRed Creations: Does a special memory come to mind when you work with a certain item, color, background, etc?
Erica: When I see picture of elderly people, it always reminds me of my Gram, who passed a few years ago.  It reminds me of how time here is short and we tend to take things for granted.  Once a loved one is gone all you have left are the memories…and the pictures that remind us of the memories.

GeminiRed Creations: Are any other family members artistic or own their own business?
Erica: My husband is very talented with wood working and drawing.

GeminiRed Creations: How did you learn your craft?
Erica: I am self-taught. I was determined so I started to research, attend graphic trade shows, seminars and reached out to others to learn.

GeminiRed Creations: What first intrigued you about it?
Erica: same as why I started

GeminiRed Creations: What are your long term goals with your business?
Erica: Long term, I want to stay in business!  Small businesses have been facing increasing challenges. More and more of them are closing up shop.

GeminiRed Creations: Where can people find you – Facebook, website, blog, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram?

GeminiRed Creations: Do you have a motto or favorite quote?
Erica: “Our goal is to make your prints look as close to the real thing as possible”

GeminiRed Creations: If you wake up in the morning and don’t want to work on something you know you need to do or finish – how do you motivate yourself and forge ahead?
Erica: There is just NO time to NOT be motivated!

GeminiRed Creations: What has been your favorite project?
Erica: I have recently started to promote my own photography professionally, so it is very exciting to see my work coming off the printer and knowing it is going into the hands of a customer!

I think it’s safe to say that Erica has a real passion for her business and a desire to make your photographs (and her’s) come to life!  Here are a few examples of beautiful photographs made into amazing canvas works of art!


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