The other day I came across something on the interwebs that said something about being “smart, charming, kind, stylish, silly and fabulous. And for the life of me I can’t remember what it was or where I saw it, but I kept thinking about it and decided it would be the perfect thing to put on a bathroom mirror. Now, everyday I can see this when getting ready to start my day (or any time I go in there) and have a moment of self-affirmation that I really am all those things…and more!

I got to work in Silhouette Studio so I could design it the way I would want it with one of my favorite fonts (CF Jack Story – for all you font junkies). At first I envisioned it in all one color and then I realized that wouldn’t be good enough. I had also originally thought of using ~ in between each word and then thought a cute little star like flowery thing would be better.

I put to use my painters tape and level to mark where I would put everything {hopefully in a straight line}. One thing I didn’t do so well, though, was spacing between words for my *. Oh well…it’s really just for me so like most things – it’s imperfectly perfect!! Below are some of my “in process” pictures and then my final product. Maybe one of these days I will know enough about my camera to figure out how to get great (bright) photos in a small space and how to take great pictures in a mirror or on glass.

I hope this inspires you to do something fun and creative today! And…I hope it also reminds you that you are SMART * CHARMING * KIND * STYLISH* SILLY & FABULOUS!

Bathroom Mirror (1)

The finished product…

Bathroom Mirror (2)


Do you have any daily affirmations you tell yourself? Do you have notes like this posted in your house? I would love to hear them!