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Never leave home without your travel journal? Be sure you mark your page with this cute travel journal book band. It’s extra cute when tied with a bow. Journaling is a great way to keep track of your gratitude, express your feelings without sharing them with the world, as well as just decompress after a long day. What better way to hold your place than with a cute embroidered travel journal.

This book band was created using black glitter vinyl, embroidered ‘pages’ and an embroidered pink bow. You can customize it with any color vinyl or thread you like. Make it fun and original by changing up the colors.

The elastic is encased between 2 layers of durable marine vinyl to ensure it stays in place. The elastic is approximately 14 inches long and the travel journal is approximately 3.5 inches tall.

During checkout you can indicate vinyl and thread choices in the note section.

Book bands make a great gift for anyone who loves books, journals and planners. They are perfect for teachers, bloggers, writers, and everyone in between.

Vinyl book bands can be cleaned, as needed, with a damp cloth.

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