Be Mine Double Heart Pencil Toppers


Pencil Toppers


If you are looking for a cute gift to give the kids in your child’s classroom, these Be Mine double heart pencil toppers are a fun idea.

Shown made out of light pink felt with hot pink and black thread, you can customize them in colors of your choice. You can also change it up by leaving the Be Mine off the pencil topper completely, or changing it to the initials of the kids in the class.

Provide customization requests in the note section at checkout.

Each pencil topper will come with a #2 pencil. Make sure the kids know that pencils may be #2, but they are #1.

Order 3 or more, and use coupon code TOP15 to save 15% on your order. If you need 10 or more, complete the custom request form with details regarding when they are needed and any customization you may want.

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