Several weeks ago a friend found an adorable picture on Pinterest of this cute little girl sitting on a fun bean bag looking seat. Luckily, this time Pinterest had an actual link to the real source of such cuteness!

So, I’ve been busy making these for some friends and couldn’t help but want to share them, but first I must say that I commented on Susan’s blog “Living with Punks” and asked permission to share with you all. She has graciously said that I can.

My comment to Susan: OMG! Thank you for this tutorial. A friend found a picture on Pinterest and luckily it pointed me toward you and your blog post. I just made one for her son and I love it! Do you mind if I write a blog post about finding your tutorial and trying it myself? I will only link to your post and not copy your text. My blog is if you want to look first before giving a response. Thanks again!

And Susan’s lovely reply: I’m so glad you liked it and it worked out for you!!! I always encourage spreading the word about the tutorial so blog posts are most certainly welcome. 



Susan’s awesome tutorial titled “Tutorial: Land of Nod inspired Floor Cushion” is very helpful and easy to follow. If you aren’t aware, I do some sewing, but I’m not an expert and I still have a lot to learn. At first I was a little intimidated by the thought of connecting the 2 circles and making this cushion, but with Susan’s instructions it was much easier than I expected!

Here are some photos of the ones I have been making!

Not interested in making your own? I can make one for you in just about any fabric you can imagine! The ones I list in my shop are priced with the use of cotton in mind. If you’d like something heavier a custom order can be created.