It’s time for Christmas with Mom {partie duex} (or part 2 as we say in these here parts). You all witnessed the overwhelming response from mom to the gift we got her with Dan’s note etched on it. Well, it seems Dan had previously requested that my brother carve a piece for mom to wear that signifies that they are (were) “Two Peas in a Pod”. Dan asked Scott months ago, and then when Dan suddenly passed away things became a whirlwind and Scott kind of forgot about it. Although this was originally slated to be an anniversary gift, it made a very lovely Christmas gift for mom. When things settled down and he was getting back into the swing of life as normal he got back to work on some projects and the one that was on his mind was the gift to mom from Dan.

Here’s the ironic part…when I posted my last blog post about her gorgeous necklace and mentioned it on Facebook she made a comment that is important to this story.


Pay special attention to the comment from my mom (Donna Lewis) and the part I circled in red. It’s no secret that Dan has been with us and was there when mom made that comment. Scott and I had just talked about the necklace and the exact saying of “Two Peas in a Pod.”

Mom absolutely loves both necklaces, but this one is extra special because Dan asked Scott to make it. And, it turns out mom is becoming quite a sensation on Facebook and YouTube as her story gets passed around and shared. We have a long way to go to get to a million views, but it’s quite fun to watch the numbers rise just the same.

If you are looking for something special don’t forget to visit Designed to Shine on Etsy who made the silver necklace or reach out to my brother, Scott, and his wife, Nicole, who own Wickedly Wooden for a special hand carved piece like mom’s “Two Peas in a Pod.”

Two Peas in a Pod necklace

Do you have any special holiday memories or gifts that you treasure? I would love to hear about them.