Pick Your Plum fans – you’ve been asking for it!  And today is the day!! TWINE!! Pick Your Plum really has the best twine around and the price is good too!

If you are always looking for something fun to wrap gifts with, use for crafty, or to wrap up your cakes and cupcakes – this bakers twine is what you are looking for. Do.Not.Miss.This!

This is the women’s answer to Duct Tape (no, seriously, it is).

This will do it all. Get the job done while looking amazing. It’s a work horse in heels.

Need a quick way to make your outdoor plastic forks, knifes, spoons, and napkins into adorable grab and go packets? Bam! Twine.

In charge of a fishing pond game this summer? Twine is your best friend.

Want a cute way to tie your beans to the pole? Twine is a functional design choice!


Use this link to get your shopping on!

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