It’s going to be really hard to share this recipe with you…

Grab your favorite glass, cup, mug – whatever it is you enjoy using for a cold drink and fill it up with ice and then cover the ice with yummy, refreshing H2O!

I gave up soda in 2001 before my 1st marathon. I’ve tasted it a few times since then and don’t miss it at all. I have always enjoyed water. We lived not far from a wonderfully cold fresh water spring in Groton, CT when I was younger and we would take our recycled milk jugs over there and fill them up. I could hardly wait to drink the water it was so good. I’m lucky because I’ve always loved water. I don’t put anything in it – no fruit or mint or anything. I know it sounds so boring, but I seriously enjoy it more than any other beverage. It always hits the spot!

Each morning after I’ve had breakfast I fill up my Tervis cup and fill it throughout the day so make sure I drink plenty of water. (BTW…that’s why I have pretty skin on my face)

Water Summer Drink (1)

I’m joining Crossroads Media Hub and some blogging friends of mine in the 30 Days of Writing Prompts – June 2014.  I am not promising a post every single day, but you never know.  There are some fun prompts on the list.  Want to join the fun?  Why don’t you!?  It’s the perfect way to get back into writing if you’ve been stuck for ideas, fun to read what others write about the same subject…and, well, just fun in general!