My mind doesn’t rest – it’s not that I don’t want it to (I mean, goodness, I’d love just a moment when I’m not thinking of the “next” thing) but I see things and go “I wonder if I can do that” or “Maybe I should try that.”

And that’s EXACTLY what happened while on my end of year/welcome in the New Year cruise and trip to Disney World. I bought this cute cross body bag while in Nassau, Bahamas because my thought of packing lightly and just bringing a small bag didn’t work out so well and it fit nothing in it!

Besides this bag I came across some really pretty glass ball decorations at The Grand Floridian in Disney that have given me some craftspriration for next year’s Christmas season – and some could be used all year if you are looking for a little something different or some sparkle in the house.

And lastly, these super cute suede cord dangle earrings!

Looks like I will be going through my fabric stash to see what I have that’s cute and fun for this bag, hitting up Michael’s and Hobby Lobby to see if they still have any glass ornaments left (hope I didn’t miss them all), and getting the supplies for these earrings!