Elfster Gift Exchange to help Children

Last year I participated in a holiday around the world gift swap and so recently when I saw 2 different swaps (this fun Little Pin Cushion Swap and a Covert Robin swap) I had to participate. It’s a fun way to put your crafty talents to work, and to meet new people along the way. I will admit – I signed up and then realized very close to the deadline that I still wasn’t finished! Oh the horror! I hate being late for things – especially fun things!

I scoured the interwebs trying to find inspiration for pin cushions because truthfully I have the old standby, they little red tomato pin cushion everyone has seen through the years! My little tomato works just fine for the pins that I use to unclog glue and holding the occasional sewing machine needle, but mostly I use my magnetic holder. So I’m super excited to see what my surprise pin cushion will look like when it arrives from my secret swap partner.


While looking for inspiration I found lots of great ideas and tutorials and really was drawn to some cute ones using flower pots and others shaped like flowers. One of the hints about the recipient of the pin cushion I made is that she likes bright colors. I decided to combine a couple of ideas I saw online and so I made a flower pot pin cushion, but instead of flat flowers I made my flowers stuffed so that they could be used as a pin cushion. I picked a bright whimsical floral fabric that I’ve used for several projects (and everyone loves) for the flowers and for the stuffing inside the flower pot I opted for a lime green with polka dots. Who doesn’t love a polka dot?

I realized during the project that I didn’t take pictures of the step of making the flowers (oopsy daisy).  But, essentially you sew two circles together, stuff it, and then you have a round puff of fabric.  Using embroidery thread, come up through the middle and go around the circle every 1/2-1 inch depending on size of circle and how many sections you want.  Be sure to pull the thread to create a scalloped look.

P.S. – See that little pink plastic tiara in the background.  Yeah, well, sometimes when I’m sewing and crafting I actually wear that.  I’m the Queen of My Craft Room!  The problem with that is, I’ve taken the dog out at night (with my PJs on) and forgotten I had the tiara on.  I know you are totally thinking…”Oh no, I can’t get that image out of my head.”  I bet my neighbors feel the same way!

I can’t wait to share a post of when I tear open my fun new pin cushion being sent from who-knows-where!