LinkVehicle Feature

Thank you for the feature…LinkVehicle

Sadly, due to life getting in the way I didn’t get a chance to post this back in June. I am so very honored that LinkVehicle, a company that I have worked with as a blogger, featured me a while ago on Facebook, as well as sharing this wonderful post on Twitter and Google+.

I love what I do, and I especially love when I can use my business to help others!  This is my favorite quote that LinkVehicle said about me:

Not only is Heather a craft sensation, she has a heart too! Heather donates a percentage of her earnings from her business to various charitable organizations. Her mentality is “giving back and helping others”.

It always makes me happy when I see that others notice that my motives aren’t just to make money, but it is to help others!  My life goal has been to have a successful business (or win the lottery – LOL) so that I can take care of my family and help others.  As I continue to build my business and my blog, as well as another business I am in the process of launching, I still strive to meet that goal!

If you are a blogger and you are looking to get connected with a great company – be sure to check out LinkVehicle!  You definitely want to work with a company who is willing to share your blog and let others know about you.

What are you doing to take your blog, business, or life to the next level?

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