Not only is the end of the school year fast approaching, and not only are parents scrambling around to figure out a great gift to give the teachers who have helped develop and mold their child(ren) over the past school year, but Teacher Appreciation Week is only a couple weeks away! It starts May 7th and is a week dedicated to showing appreciation for those teachers who have spent hours with your child – teaching them, mentoring them, and helping them grow into the wonderful people who will lead this country one day.

I recently made a cute “pencil” holder.  It is created using a tin can and pencils and tied with a bow. This is a great gift to present to a teacher and can be filled with flowers or pens and pencils for their desk.

No time to craft your own gift or help your child make something…let me know and I can make this or something else for you. Check out my Gift Ideas board on Pinterest.

And…for my friends that are teachers – thank you for doing an important job! You probably don’t hear it often, but what you do is very important!