Welcome to Sunny Sunday 04/24/16!

I don’t know about the rest of you, but it sure seems like the bad news keeps getting worse and worse and more and more available. Yet, I know I’m not the only one who wishes there were more happy stories published. So this week I have some more sunny news to share with you that might have gotten lost in your newsfeed out on the web!

Judge Has Emotional Reunion With Defendant She Recognized As Former Classmate

I honestly don’t know how I would react if I was a judge and before me in court was a former classmate. There are a bunch of classmates that I recall teachers saying would never amount to anything, and yet they have gone on to do great things. It would be very sad to encounter someone under these circumstances.

Making House Calls to the Homeless

The old adage about it taking only one person really comes to light here! If we all just did one small thing for someone else imagine the possibilities!

This Indian Restaurant In Canada Offers Free Meals To Anyone Who Can’t Afford To Pay

Again, the theme is it only takes one person!

Indian Restaurant Free Meal Sunny Sunday {04/24/16}

Photo courtesy of Sunny Skyz

Little Girl Gives Her Hero Garbage Man A Cupcake, Melts All Our Hearts

This story is being seen all over the web, and deservedly so! I love when little kids do things like this – we are all so loving when we are young. We just need to keep it going because these stories are awesome!

This Dog’s Certified Nose is Saving Bee Colonies from Disease

We need bees for so many different reasons, and this dog is helping save their colonies!

Michigan Cop Buys Car Seat for Girl After Pulling Over Her Father

Not all cops are bad! Not all people are bad! Take a minute and get to know someone before passing judgement.

Massachusetts Boy Skips Birthday Gifts, Gives to Sea Turtles

If we are lucky we have many birthdays in our lifetime and at each of those we are usually given lots of gifts – some of which have little to no meaning to them – so it’s wonderful when a young boy decides that he wants to give back instead of receive gifts! These sea turtles are the lucky recipients of his thoughtfulness.

Bill Kirby Jr.: Judge’s unbelievable compassion for a veteran

Sometimes the only way to help is to actually put yourself in another man’s shoes!

Couple pledges $1.2 million to send 27 kindergartners to college

The epitome of giving back to the community!

Rescued Pit Bull Gets A Second Chance At Life As A Police Dog
If you know anything about me – I love Pit Bulls! They are often given a bad rap, and they are really so loving and wonderful! With the help of a wonderful organization they are being given a second chance at life – and are becoming police dogs!

‘I know you could make me something really good’: Gordon Ramsay agrees to cook for Indiana girl, eight, who eats through a feeding tube after she wrote moving letter to him to him

We’ve all seen Gordon Ramsay go crazy screaming and yelling, but as with everyone else in the world – there is another side to him! {Video courtesy of Daily Mail}

Let me know what you think of these happy stories, and feel free to share a link to some you’ve found inspiring!