At the beginning of the year I decided to search once last time for a place to get cute iron on labels I can use on my fabric creations. And, while we all have our days of not liking Facebook for one reason or another, I can honestly say because of Facebook I’ve met some awesomely creative people, including Jennifer of Jennifer’s Jewels who I would like to put in the spotlight today! She used my logo to create labels just for me! Not stock images, but my own logo!

We are very similar with respect to how we long we’ve known that we wanted to own our own business. I used to make business cards out of index cards to hand out in the neighborhood. It’s no wonder I liked Jennifer and her creations right away!

Below is my interview with Jennifer…

Jennifer Wendorf







GeminiRed Creations: How long have you wanted to own your own business?
Jennifer: Since I could talk! Literally. 😉 I was a child that played store and house ALL the time. I still have a notebook from when I was pre-teen that I have a list of fake customer names! I can still remember the rush of creating customer names. And to this day, I still play house and store!

GeminiRed Creations: How long have you owned your business?
Jennifer: I quit my “day job” in about 2002 when my first child was an infant. It was time to raise my children and start my business at home! Although I started a home daycare while starting my online shop…and eventually grew to support my family on my online shop today!

GeminiRed Creations: What is your specialty?
Jennifer: Printing, printing, printing. I love it! Taking anything from real life with a camera or digital creations and printing on ANYTHING I can. 🙂

GeminiRed Creations: If your business is a creative one…where do you enjoy being crafty/creative?
Jennifer: I currently have office space…and when I’m here alone, my brain goes wild! I also LOVE traveling…near and far for inspiration. Michigan has some inspiring areas…from Detroit all the way to the North woods.

GeminiRed Creations: What are your business goals? Do you want to have an Etsy shop, website shop, a brick and mortar?
Jennifer: Oh gosh, this is my current blank. I don’t know. I am capable of growing right now, but not sure I want to. When you’re a Mother and business owner, making decisions on growing is daunting. I always have additional Etsy shop ideas. 🙂 If I opened a brick and mortar, I’d go under….due to the fact that I would talk to people and never ‘work.’

Jennifer’s Jewels on Etsy:

Jennifersjewels 250 pixel ad







GeminiRed Creations: Do you already have an Etsy shop or website shop? Or even a brick and mortar?
Jennifer: and my new DIY label designer shop I have an imaginary brick and mortar in my head…where it will probably stay. ;). You can design your own labels on the website!! Quick and easy!

Examples of her work:

Jennifers Jewels Labels (2) Jennifers Jewels Labels (3)






GeminiRed Creations: Do you have anyone working with you?
Jennifer: My best friend is my assistant and I’d never be able to do it without her help!

GeminiRed Creations: Do you have a blog?
Jennifer: Many, that I wrote in once. 😉 If I blogged, I’d never have time to make the labels…or go to the bathroom.

GeminiRed Creations: How do we find you? Facebook? Twitter? Pinterest? Website URL? Blog URL? Are you anywhere else we should know about?
Jennifer: Please visit and pop a note on my Facebook. Jennifer’s Jewels I am not a Twitter fan…but will Facebook the day away. :/

GeminiRed Creations: What do you enjoy doing when you are not focusing on your business?
Jennifer: Showing my kids everything life has to offer! Planning mini, spontaneous adventures! Or sleeping. 🙂

GeminiRed Creations: What else should we know about YOU and YOUR BUSINESS?
Jennifer: I want everyone to know that this label business is a huge pride for me. I’ve worked hard and spent long hours to create a product that I would use and I truly want everyone to use them and see how great they are! My family benefits from every sale I make as I support our family with this business.

Here is what Jennifer did for me (this is showing them in action on 2 pillow covers I made)…







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