Hello and Happy October!  My friend Angel is here today sharing a fun craft for the kids! Many of her crafts are based around the preschool age and incorporate some sensory or fine motor skills. For this fun Halloween craft we are doing “Spooky Luminaries.” They are cheap and easy! The skills your child will be using in this craft are: cutting and textures!

Spooky Luminaries (9) v2

First you need to gather your materials:

Glass Jars (Mason, babyfood, etc)
Tissue or Crepe paper
School Glue or Modge Podge
Tea Lights or LED lights
Black construction paper
Sponge Brush or paint brush

1 photo bombing assistant (optional LOL)

Spooky Luminaries (1)

Next you will want to draw faces on your black paper and cut them out.  While I was doing that my assistant was ripping a few sheets of tissue paper in different shapes and sizes.

Spooky Luminaries (2)

Now the fun begins! Grab a glass jar, a sponge brush and your glue and get to painting the outside of your jar!  We used Outdoor Modge Podge because we will be displaying our luminaries on our front porch. Elmer’s School Glue or regular Modge Podge will work just as well.

Spooky Luminaries (3)

Once your jar is covered with Modge Podge you can start layering the Tissue paper on the jar.  You can place the paper anyway you want on the jar you just want to make sure to cover the whole outside.  Once that is done you can glue your face on.

Spooky Luminaries Collage (1)

You will now let this dry for around 20 minutes.  As with most kids, my son didn’t want to wait for it to dry so I had to redirect him.  This is a great time to grab a snack and talk about your day, grab a nap or run an errand.

Once the first layer is dry you will want to apply another layer of Modge Podge over the outside of the jar, making sure to cover all the tissue paper. This will seal it and make it more durable.

Spooky Luminaries (6)

More boring drying time (around 30-45 minutes this time) and then you are good to go! Insert your candles and enjoy their warm glow!

Spooky Luminaries (8)

As you can see these do not have to be perfect! This craft is more about having fun and being creative!  There is no wrong way to do these!

Spooky Luminaries (7) v2

Do you think you will give these a try with your kids?