I think it’s always amazing how we meet people through our lives, and even more amazing how we do or don’t stay in touch with these people over time. I met Rowena when I owned my salon. I was part of a group board where we could post questions to seek advice and share happenings with other salon owners. It would have been very easy for me to “unfriend” a lot of salon people when I closed my salon, but the truth is I still learn a lot from many of them daily and I’m glad we are still connected on Facebook.

The other day while poking around on Facebook, Rowena posted something very interesting. And, I think it’s something worth pondering further. Do you ever have a question for which you need an answer? Of course you do! We all do. Sometimes the answer is within you! You just have to look. If you happen to be in Ohio you need to check out Rowena’s salon – Studio Wish Salon!

Here is what Rowena posted…

Ever have a question that you can’t seem to find the answer for? Did you know you really do know the answer? Next time this happens to you sit down with a pen and paper… No not a computer or your phone. It needs to be hand written in order to find the answer. Write down the question. Read it to yourself as if you demand an answer…. Then start writing down the answers that come first in your mind and keep writing until it is all out. Then and only then will you have the answers that best answer your questions. Try it… You will see. I doubted it would work but found that it has. Sometimes the answers aren’t really what you want to hear… But they are what you need to hear. In some cases follow with a little burning ritual and let it go in a powerful way that can bring you peace. The Spirit works in wondrous ways.

This is one reason I like to journal. I don’t keep up with it the way I’d like, but journaling allows me to really think about things and let them sink in before just assuming things at face value. I have a love of journals and tend to collect them, and have a habit of starting a new one before I finish the one I’m already using – mostly because I fall in love with another pretty journal!

Another great salon friend posted this…I think both of these posts are worth thinking about!

Use your tomorrows

Do you have any actions you take to answer the questions you have within you? Do you like to journal?

Would love to hear any tips you have for connecting with your thoughts and coming up with the answers to the questions you have!