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Hopping on the Selfie Stick Bandwagon

I admit it...I laughed at all the people buying selfie sticks when they first came out. And then it happened. I'm hopping on the selfie stick bandwagon. I recently had the opportunity to purchase a selfie stick at a reduced price in exchange for my honest...

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The Future of Art…3D art!

If you told me 20 years ago (maybe even 5 years ago) that the future of art would be 3D art I probably would have laughed in your face (it's a bad habit of mine).  I was so excited recently to be part of a review campaign that allowed me the opportunity to review...

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Amazon Deals…A Week in Review {8/13/15}

Recently I signed up with a few companies that provide you with the opportunity to purchase items through Amazon for a reduced price in exchange for an honest and unbiased product review.  I shop with Amazon anyway, so why not get items I might usually buy - at a...

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PUR…that’s some high quality H20

My all time favorite movie quote is from The Water Boy. "That's some high quality H20"  I have always loved water - it's my favorite beverage.  I like it plain - I don't want fruit or bubbles or anything fancy - I just want ice cold water! The next best...

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Happy Father’s Day from Hallmark!

This year Father's Day is extremely bittersweet.  After losing my stepdad last August unexpectedly it's tough not having him hear to go grab lunch and celebrate the day.  And, then my dad is in Connecticut so he's not close enough to celebrate with either....

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Canon…a great gift for the family at Best Buy

Lots of people are taking more and more photos these days with all the available social media sites to share them on - photos are everywhere from Facebook to Instagram to Flikr and Dropbox.  And while many people tend to use their cellphones more often than not,...

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Idina Menzel {Holiday Wishes}

Tis the season for Christmas songs...and Idina Menzel's new CD Holiday Wishes is one that you will want to have in your collection! It's entirely possible that you first heard of Idina Menzel due to her most recent role of the singing voice of Elsa in Disney's smash...

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Mary J Blige {The London Sessions}

Thanks to One2One Network I was giving the opportunity to get an advanced digital copy of The London Sessions by Mary J Blige.  In true Mary J fashion...this album is terrific!  She has such a wonderfully soulful sound whenever she sings! Mary J Blige has a...

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