My all time favorite movie quote is from The Water Boy. “That’s some high quality H20” I have always loved water – it’s my favorite beverage.  I like it plain – I don’t want fruit or bubbles or anything fancy – I just want ice cold water! The next best thing to fresh water from the spring, like I remember drinking with my grandparents when I was a child, is a PUR water pitcher or faucet filter.

Photo Credit Quick Meme

Photo Credit Quick Meme

One of the best things when you check your mail is a box that is wrapped in tape that says Influenster. Working with them I have the opportunity to try products and share my personal opinions with all of my readers. And, if you love water what better item to receive than a PUR water pitcher? The other day I was the lucky recipient of a free PUR VoxBox from Influenster so that I can be the latest #WaterCritic.

Influenster PUR VoxBox (1)

Inside the PUR box you will find easy to understand step-by-step directions for getting your pitcher ready for use. You will want to wash your pitcher with gentle dish soap before using it, and follow the directions for getting the filter ready. Once prepped you can fill up your pitcher with 11 cups of water and place it in the fridge to get to your perfect temperature – I like my water really cold and usually use ice cubes as well.

Influenster PUR VoxBox (2)

While I do have a water and ice dispenser on my home refrigerator what I like about having the PUR pitcher is that I can put this in the garage fridge and use it when outside to fill up my water bottle. Or, I could take it to work and keep it in the office fridge (trusting that those crazy people that steal people’s PB&J sandwiches won’t touch my highly coveted PUR pitcher). I suppose thinking that through…it’s not a risk I’m willing to take. Darn lunch thieves – they ruin everything, don’t they!

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