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Trivet Hot Pads make a great kitchen accessory and are helpful when you need to put a hot pan or dish on your kitchen surfaces.

Each trivet is made of 100% high quality cotton fabric, and filled with heat absorbing rice. The ends are reinforced with top-stitching to ensure it is sturdy and will hold up to multiple uses for years to come. Trivet hot pads are 9″ x 9″ squares and are perfect for resting a beautiful teapot, mugs, pots and pans.

These stylish kitchen accessories make gsift that will be used over and over again! Order in fabric colors/patterns that match a new home to make a wonderful house warming gift. Know a teacher that loves to cook? How about a teacher’s gift? Do you have a friend that loves her afternoon tea time? This will make a great gift for her.


The trivet hot pads are also multi-functional. Heat it up in the microwave for 1-2 minutes and you can use the hot pad on your feet, neck, back or anywhere else that you need warmth. They are great for chilly nights when you just can’t seem to escape the cold feeling and you don’t want to clean up a mess in the fireplace. The hot pad will stay warm for quite a while and does not come with all the safety warnings of an electric heating pad.

If you would like to add soothing and aromatic scents to your trivet hot pads cloves can be added if you will be using it in the kitchen. The smell of the cloves will permeate the fabric when you place a hot pan or tea pot on it. If you will be using it as a hot pad on your body, I can add lavender essential oil to the rice before pouring it in.

Use the note section at checkout to request cloves or lavender, as well as to provide your fabric options.

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