Seahorse Softie


Stuffed Animal / Toy


The seahorse is an amazing creature. Not typically known for being snuggly, this seahorse softie is an exception to the rule. This unique stuffie will be perfect for a kid’s nautical themed room or as a companion.

Each seahorse softie is made with high quality cotton on the front and soft organic bamboo terry or minky fabric on the back. You can make it your own by selecting fabric of your choice and coordinating thread colors. Think outside the box and select wild and bright colors.

This seahorse will be a great addition to the whale plush softie available in the shop.

Seahorse is approximately 8.5 inches from head to tail by 5 inches wide.

Here’s a little seahorse info for you. According to The Seahorse Trust the Latin name for seahorse is Hippocampus which means ‘horse caterpillar.’ Seahorses have excellent eyesight and each eye is able to work independently on either side of their head. (Wow! Can you imagine?) Seahorses pair for life. Baby seahorses are known as fry, and when they are born they are on their own.

Beautiful professional photos thanks to Sweetscales Photography.
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Cute t-shirt in the photo is from Randa’s Place.

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