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Pucker Stick

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I have Rinse Bath & Body Sangria Pucker Sticks all over my house (and other flavors too). Every room has a pucker stick within reach when I’m working, sewing, watching TV or reading. The soft lip balm is very soothing and will keep your lips nourished!

From the Rinse Bath & Body website, here’s what you need to know about this great product!

They spent 1.5 years perfecting the perfect recipe to ensure a creamy, nourishing and perfect lip balm.

It’s not waxy or greasy & you don’t have to constantly reapply it. It’s the type of lip balm that you can put on before bed & it keeps you moisturized enough that you don’t have to rush to put it on in the morning.

Flavor: Sangria – A blend of fruits to create the perfect sweet fruit punch flavor.

Contains a perfect blend of Squalane Oil derived from the olive (a quickly absorbed oil known for being extremely healing), Apricot kernel & Coconut oils & Cocoa Butter (all known for healing & moisturizing), Castor Oil (provides a nice slip), Beeswax, a touch of Vitamin E & flavored with 100% natural flavoring.

The ingredients provide a great slip on the lips with moisturizing properties that last & last.

Travel Friendly
100% natural
.15 oz. twist-up tube

Did you know…when you purchase any 3 lip balm holders from my shop you will get a free Rinse Bath & Body pucker stick (flavor based on availability).


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