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Spread some love this holiday with these cute magical wands. The love flashing wands are made out of a thin see-through vinyl, and each one has a tap flasher inside. When activated the tap flasher will flash making the glittery vinyl sparkle to your kid’s surprise.

Each love flashing wand is machine embroidered, the tap flasher is inserted through the bottom and then sealed shut using hot glue after the dowel is added. Every precaution is taken to ensure that the wands are completely sealed and durable. However, please note that the flashers can be a choking hazard should they come loose. Check your wands carefully from time to time to ensure your child’s safety.

The love flashing wands come in two sizes. Each is a total of approximately 12″ long with the dowel included.
Small: approximately 3″ x 2″
Large: approximately 4″ x 3″

You kids will enjoy hours of fun with this sparkling wand.

Love design can be created in a variety of colors. If you would like a specific option, please refer to the picture in the listing of other available colors and make a note of it at checkout. Color options (right to left) red, orange, yellow, green, aqua, blue, purple, light pink, hot pink, dark pink, black(ish), and silver. The black(ish) is a dark black/gray/brown color – not pure black. Vinyl (and photo of vinyl) is from Glitterbug Fairy. If colors are not indicated at checkout, you will receive colors that are already stitched or with the most availability.

Tap flasher details:
Tap flashers are a tiny flasher that measure 3/4 of an inch wide, 7/8 of an inch tall, and 1/4 inch thick. They are activated by vibration, so any time you tap them they will flash. They will also flash if you shake them, or if simply tap the table they are sitting on. Any sort of vibration will make them go through a round of flashing. One round of flashing lasts for about 5 seconds, and then the lights will stay off until activated again. Tap flashers have a battery life of about 300,000 flashes. Time will vary depending on use, but typically these last about 6-12 months. Batteries are NOT replaceable.

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