Large Lobster Wood Cutting Board

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Large Lobster Wood Cutting Board

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This large lobster wood cutting board is beautifully made out of beautiful, exotic mango wood, adorned with bronze grommet accents and a metal lobster attached at one corner.

This is the perfect addition to your beach front or lake front dinner parties.

Some interesting facts about mango wood:

  • Known much more widely for its fruit, Mango trees also yield beautiful and valuable lumber. The wood is considered very eco-friendly, as some Mango plantations harvest the trees for lumber after they have completed their useful fruit-bearing lifespan.
  • The same trees providing people with delicious mango fruits can age, and when they are done giving out fruits, can be made in to beautiful furniture.
  • Mango trees are fast-growing and plantation grown in Southeast Asia region.
  • Mango wood has unique “Tigard” stripes and multitudes of grain and color variations.
  • One of its best characteristics would be the “Glow” in the wood once finished.
  • It is a hard wood which will provide durability even with everyday usage.

Dimensions: 18x12x1.25in

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