Fabric Contoured Face Mask



The fabric contoured face mask is made with cotton fabric on each side and elastic ear loops that are adjustable. This will NOT protect you from the COVID-19 coronavirus or prevent or cure any other diseases or allergies. This mask does not have filter pocket or nose wire. The nose and chin area are sewn in the center to create a contoured fit. Mask has a channel on each side to run the elastic through allowing you to tie the elastic at the length that fits you best.

This fabric face mask is 100% handmade with two layers of high quality cotton fabric, washable and reusable. Masks will be made with different fabrics on each side so that if you take the mask off and need to put it back on prior to washing, you will know which side was against your face.

It is not recommended to wear fabric masks for more then two hours at a time as they can get wet from breathing. If it gets wet, it should be changed and dried. If you will need to wear a mask for an extended period of time, I recommend ordering more than one so you can switch them out.

Recommended uses: while grooming pets, working at or visiting nail salons, during air, bus or train travel, cleaning and dusting, gardening, or using any materials (wood, cloth, faux fur, etc.) that may cause excess dust. They can also be helpful to protect from environmental dust, mold, pet hair, smog, winter weather, and more.

Several sizes are available (pattern by Sweet Red Poppy) as shown in the sizing chart. Sizes shown: All black is Large Adult, red/white and black/white masks are Teen, water color mask worn by my mom is Teen and black/white worn by me is Teen.

Due to the number of requests coming in, I cannot guarantee an immediate turn around. I am making every effort to have a number of them complete and ready to ship. If you have particular colors you prefer, you can make a note at checkout and I will do my best to accommodate, but may not be able to fill every special request. I try to understand everyone’s needs for delivery, but every mask is made to order, and requires time to craft them unless you select fabric colors of masks I already have prepared or are open to any mask(s) that are ready to ship. I have several fabric options available that you may choose from if you want something special. Fabrics shown in the photos of completed masks may/may not be available at the time of your order.

All fabrics I use are brand new. In order to try and prevent color bleed, I will pre-wash the masks with a color catcher prior to shipping/delivery in gentle detergent such as All Clear or Seventh Generation. For your own well-being, I still recommend that you wash with your preferred detergent prior to first use.

Fabric masks are washable. If washing in a machine, I suggest putting them in a mesh laundry bag or a pillow case tied closed to keep the elastic from getting stuck and twisted around other items or inside the machine. Hand washing is recommended.

IMPORTANT: For sanitary reasons, all sales are final and masks cannot be returned.

Your purchase will allow me to donate to healthcare providers and essential workers. Thank you for helping me outfit those who are working hard to keep us safe as well as all essential workers who are stocking store shelves, working the registers, providing food, and keeping buildings clean.

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