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The mother of all F Bombs is here. This is one you will want to drop everywhere. Every now and then the best course of action is to throw an F Bomb around! Save yourself from getting in trouble in from your mom or your boss by throwing a fleece F Bomb instead!

Frustrated? Mad at the world? We all go through moments of hating everything. This F Bomb will bring a smile to everyone’s face and instead of telling you to wash your mouth out with soap everyone will be laughing!

When the day is tough and you just can’t seem to do anything right, throw around an explosive F Bomb – all the impact with none of the danger. Let’s face it – besides Friday, this is everyone’s favorite F word. Point in the general direction of your enemy, aim, and fire!

Each F Bomb can be sent with a card with one of the following sayings. In the note section at checkout indicate which one you would prefer. If not indicated you will receive the 4th option.

  1. I gave up many things when I became a mom. Dropping the F Bomb wasn’t one of them!
  2. I gave up many things when I became a dad. Dropping the F Bomb wasn’t one of them!
  3. I’m a drop the F Bomb kind of mom!
  4. In case you dropped your last F Bomb and need a new one! Handle with care – they are explosive!

F Bombs are made using a combination of machine embroidery, machine and hand sewing. Dimensions are approximately 4.5” with a 4” cord. It is made of a soft black fleece, a red felt “F”, a soft white rope, and is stuffed with polyester fiberfill. It is handmade as well as washing machine and dryer safe.

All F Bombs are made with love, though I can’t say that I never throw my own F Bomb or two while putting projects together and wanting them each to be perfect! I promise I will ensure each F Bomb that gets shipped will be in new condition and exclusively ‘dropped’ by you or gift recipient. I have my own reserve to use as needed!

Save when you buy them to share! When you buy 3-5 F Bombs you will save 10% and buying 6 or more will save you 15%! Nothing says fun like an F Bomb fight with friends, family and co-workers.

Styled and modeled photos compliments of Lauren Nygard Photography and Camera Lindz Photography. Learn more about each of them on my photographers page.

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Weight .50 lbs


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