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If your daily commute is causing you much stress and aggrevation you can be prepared by carrying this F Bomb embroidered vinyl key fob. No matter which highway or biway you are on, no matter who cuts you off at the intersection – you will be ready to throw an F bomb!

You will always know which keys are yours because this F Bomb will be easy to find. Shown embroidered on glitter black vinyl, you can customize it with any color vinyl I have available and can change the color of the F as well. A coordinating vinyl will be sewn on the back and matching snap will complete the key fob.

When the day is tough and you just can’t seem to do anything right, throw around an explosive F Bomb – all the impact with none of the danger. Let’s face it – besides Friday, this is everyone’s favorite F word. Point in the general direction of your enemy, aim, and fire!

The F Bomb key fob makes a great gift for the person who has everything – including a potty mouth.

All F Bombs are made with love, though I can’t say that I never throw my own F Bomb or two while putting projects together and wanting them each to be perfect! I promise I will ensure each F Bomb that gets shipped will be in new condition and exclusively ‘dropped’ by you or gift recipient. I have my own reserve to use as needed!

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