Embroidered Scissor Tags


Embroidered Tags


Don’t let people grab the wrong scissors when they come into your sewing room or studio. Make sure they know it’s hands off your precious scissors! By marking your scissors with embroidered scissor tags you can ensure that any little hands can quickly see which scissors are okay to use on paper and which ones shouldn’t be touched.

Even though I don’t have little hands that come in my studio, I have had friends try to grab my awesome fabric scissors to cut a piece of paper or open a box. After I regained my composure I was able to give them the right scissors and no one got hurt! When you spend good money on a fabulous pair of scissors you don’t want anyone to ruin them.

The tags shown in the photos are embroidered on white, durable marine vinyl, with a bright pink border and black letters. You can customize them in colors of your choice. At checkout, simply make a note in the designated area and let me know the colors you would like, as well as what you would like your tag to say. They are completely customizable. Keep in mind that the longer the word/phrase, the smaller the letters.

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