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I donut know about you, but books and donuts – two great things! Book bands are ideal for avid book readers and planner users. Unlike traditional bookmarks, the thin elastic securely keeps your place by going completely around the book. The donut book band is perfect for all the donut connoisseurs. If you are in a book club, a teacher, read books or love a great planner – book bands are perfect for you.

The donut book band shown in this listing is created using glitter vinyl on the front, vinyl icing applique and multi-colored sprinkles embroidered on the front with an adorable little smile, and vinyl applique for the center and nose. The back is secured with another piece of vinyl encasing the elastic to ensure its durability.

Vinyl and thread colors can be customized to colors of your choosing.

The donut is approximately 3 inches x 3 inches with an elastic of appromixatly 13 inches long not streteched out to go around your book. Planner shown is 9.5″ tall. Planner is not included.

Book / Planner bands make great gifts for everyone on your shopping lists. Great for birthdays, teacher gifts, Easter, Christmas, or just because. Give alone or pair it with a book or planner to make a beautiful gift set. Planner accessories and planner bands will delight tall planner addicts!

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