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Nothing says cute like a smiling bunny made of felt. This bunny crayon holder with ribbon closure holds 6 crayons and ties shut with a ribbon so you can easily toss it in your bag when on the go. Shown here made out of light blue felt and white felt for the bunny, you can customize it in colors of your choice. The main portion of the crayon holder can be in any felt color available, and the bunny can be white, brown, black – you name it! Heck, you can have a pink, orange or blue bunny if you want. The choices are endless.

Ensure you children are never bored children by giving them this crayon holder that they can easily take anywhere! You will always be prepared for long wait times at the doctor’s office, waiting at a busy restaurant or long trips in the car.

This fun crayon holder comes with 6 Crayola crayons (colors may vary based on availability) and can be tucked away in any bag you are carrying. Have one with you at all times, and you can ensure the kids always have entertainment.

Perfect to give as a gift – pair with a coloring book or two and you are all set! The recipient will thank you for the cute, easy way to always have crayons handy.

Each crayon holder is machine embroidered with sturdy stitching to keep pockets secure. Ribbon has reinforced stitching to ensure it cannot come loose with repeated use.

Looking for other designs, check out all the crayon holders available in the shop! There is something cute for everyone. And, each crayon holder ranges in size and can hold different quantities of crayons for your budding artist.

Approximate size is 5 inches x 8 inches when unrolled. Six Crayola brand crayons are included with each order!

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