I’m excited to have my friend Mollie here to do a special GIVEAWAY from Jamberry {nail wraps}. I have been getting acrylic on my nails for over 20 years so I haven’t tried these yet, but I can honestly say I’m jealous every time I see the cuteness that everyone has on their nails! I am going to be forced to break down and try them because the designs are just too cute to pass up!  If you haven’t tried them – now is your chance! And, of course, while you are waiting for the results there is nothing stopping you from buying a few for yourself!

Hello, fellow GeminiRed fans! My name is Mollie, and I am so excited to be doing this fun giveaway on my ever-so-gracious and supremely talented friend Heather’s blog! Before we get right to ‘the goods’, you probably should know a little about me. Nails? Never used to be my thing. At all. I could probably count on one hand the number of times I’ve painted them in all of my 30+ years, and have always kept them short due to the fact that I’m a contact lens wearer. I never really made the time to make them look pretty, and honestly, never really cared! I have two small boys, work an insane number of hours a week, and enjoy crafting, DIY, home improvement, and painting in what little free time I have. On top of all of that, I’ve never been crazy about putting ONE more chemical substance on my body that I could surely do without. I’m a little ‘crunchy’ that way! A few months ago, my ‘nail world’ was turned upside-down when I learned about Jamberry Nail wraps. I saw this list and knew immediately I had to try them:

Jamberry Giveaway (1)

I waited, somewhat impatiently, for my first order, thinking there was no way they’d work as well as the company claimed. I am so happy to say, though, that these are all they’re cracked up to be – and more! Because I love them so much, I am now an Independent Consultant for Jamberry. I love the designs, I love mixing and matching, and I love designing my own (yes, you can do that!) They don’t chip, they stay shiny, they elicit compliments from everyone I meet, and they are ridiculously easy to apply and remove. I love expressing myself in my own little way by wearing them, and hope that you’ll enjoy them, too!


So, on to the giveaway! I will be sending one lucky winner (2) surprise sheets of Jamberry Nail wraps, (1) tin of Fig + Yarrow Nail + Cuticle Salve (told you I was a bit crunchy!), and an assortment of all the tools you’ll need in order to apply the wraps in the comfort of your own home. (Preferably while enjoying some Netflix and a glass of wine!) And, because I love sharing the love, I will also send anyone who places an order with me this week a free sheet of accent nails! Head on over to http://mollielipka.jamberrynails.net to take a look!

*Be sure that you enter with Rafflecopter AND head over to my Facebook page to tell me your favorite wrap design. A complete entry is one where both of these are completed. Don’t be shy; come talk to me!

xo Mollie

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