Or in my case Bags (plural…you know, as in many bags). Another wonderful Facebook friend I met along the way through my networking and such is quite a wonderful artist when it comes to sewing purses, bags, totes and more!

A month or so ago LivingSocial had a deal for a PanAm overnight bag and I fell in love with it – I loved everything about it except the price tag! This is a picture of a similar one (just in case you have no idea what a PanAm bag is, but really, how could you not know what it is).  The one on LivingSocial (from Fab) was all blue, but both are very cute!

PanAm Bag

When I showed my friends in the networking group this bag one of them shared a bag she had made using a tutorial from Riley Blake (who designs some of my favorite fabrics). I mean, seriously, check out this cute bag! The tutorial (linked in the previous sentence) provides all you need to make this bag (except the “ingredients” of course).

Riley Blake retrotravelbag4

I know have seen the items in my shop so you know I can sew, but I can’t SEW! But, my good friend Trish over at Lemon Drop Creations can!! She has made some really stunning wallets, zipper pouches, handbags, and totes!  I’m in awe of how great the craftsmanship is and how quick she is able to make them. As soon as I saw the picture of the Riley Blake bag I tapped Trish on the shoulder (virtually, of course) and commissioned (begged) her to make me one.

I’d like to say it stopped there…but it didn’t. I then saw a tutorial for a cute messenger bag that would be perfect for my laptop and so I asked for that too. And then! Well, then there was this cute Zip and Go bag she posted a picture of and I don’t think I have to tell you where this is headed. 🙂

Three bags it is! Or so I thought. Trish surprised me with 2 more bags and a fabric notepad cover! Five bags! What could really make a girl happier?  (Well, maybe 5 pair of shoes as well as 5 bags.)

If you are looking for something more along the line of a one of a kind – using a favorite fabric – check out Trish at Lemon Drop Creations. I’m sure she can whip something up for you.

Let me show you the wondrous things she did for me!