Thanks to imagine gnats (found here on Facebook and her blog) I once again found out about an awesome giving opportunity. Earlier in the year I learned through the blog about Craft Hope’s initiative to collect Aprons for Haiti and today I learned about Handmade for Newtown.

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If you are even the slightest bit crafty…now come – I know a bunch of my friends are VERY talents, I hope you will consider donating an item (or a few) to this event. If you are not crafty, you are welcome to send donations to me and I will use the money to purchase supplies for me and my crafty friends so that we can provide items. As of earlier today the note on Facebook said that some examples of items already promised to the event are: quilts, fabric, quilted pillow covers, aprons, sewing and embroidery patterns, scarves, wallet, ipad cover, nesting bowls, burlap art…

Tap into your talents and your giving spirit and create something for this event. It’s not due tomorrow (or even this week), but on the blog post there is a place to commit to donating so that they are prepared and know you will be sending something along.

Also, if you are crafty I highly suggest following this blog!

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