Every crafty person needs a loyal and trusty “helper” nearby when times are busy.

Here are two of mine.

Reba is the spoiled doggy in the bed. She was a rescue who had been in foster care for MANY months before finding her way into my parent’s home. I like to pretend she is mine. In the first picture she is looking up at me while I’m working in my home office (probably on QuickBooks to finalize my year-end accounting) because I was “disturbing” her. And, the 2nd picture is one of her favorite poses where she is all curled up, nose tucked in, and glimpsing at you through one eye so she doesn’t miss anything. She usually likes to be fully covered by the blanket.

And here is my loyal co-worker, Annabelle. Annabelle is also a rescue. She was found along the side of a highway in Lilburn, GA (too many) years ago while I was stupidly working part-time in a vet’s office (animals lovers should not do that as I wanted to take all of them home). She was just a tiny baby and none of her siblings nor her mother were found. She would cry constantly in the crate they had her in trying to find her a home and I just couldn’t resist!

On the day in the pictures below, I decided to cover an old shoe box with left over wrapping paper to use on my shelf for paints and glitter in order to keep them corralled and apparently, Annabelle thought I needed help with the wrapping.

Reba and Annabelle are my only 2 helpers now, but once upon a time I did have a beautiful helper named Gabriella. She went over the Rainbow Bridge May 9, 2011. This is a picture of her helping me with aprons one day, and one of her last day with me. ย I will never have another helper quite like her! Gabby is a fuzzy wuzzy cat that I picked out of a litter after replying to an ad in newspaper in New London, CT what seems like forever ago. I almost took her orange and white sibling home, but when they brought her out of the house I fell in love, and she was my “baby” for a long time!

The great thing about animals is, when you are having a bad day they are there for you. You can just pet them and love them and they will not judge you. They walk in and purr or look up at you or bark and they melt your heart!

If you would like to help out animals in need…here are 5 of my favorite local animal “rescue” and “help” organizations!

Atlanta Pet Rescue & Adoption – where Reba was adopted from (EDIT: Atlanta Pet Rescue is now known as Best Friends)

Snap 2 It – I know a terrific person, and advocate for animals who works with them to get pictures of all the kitties out on the interwebs so they can be adopted

Furkids, Inc. – another great friend loves them very much!

Good Mews Animal Foundation – same friend who loves Furkids volunteers with Good Mews

Spay/Neuter Coalition – their mission is to ensure that all pets are spayed and neutered so we are able to limit the number of unwanted animals on the streets