I have never been offended when someone says “You throw like a girl” or “You run like a girl” because I know of no other than way to be than “like a girl”.  I do what I do with confidence…ALWAYS! Am I ever worried, nervous or afraid? You bet! Does that mean I won’t try it…not a chance!

My brother’s girlfriend, Nicole, shared this amazing video on Facebook and just in case Every. Single. One. Of. You. didn’t see it – I’m sharing here!!

And, check out the blog post from Jeff Beer at Co.Create. Now, the comments that people leave on the blog get a little heated, as is the case when you have any discussion about male / female comparisons (for whatever reason), but ultimately the message is good.

I will say this – put gender, race, and any other difference aside when teaching your children anything! Do not tell them they cannot do something the same as or as good as someone else based on any reason other than it’s not “their thing” that they are good at.  My parents have always been encouraging. I do not honestly recall a time that they said there is something I cannot do. That said, if I told them today that I plan to paint a mural or audition for one of the many singing shows on TV they would probably suggest I look at doing something else. Why? Because we all know that neither or those things are what I am best at. And, there is nothing wrong with that!

Encourage someone today! We have enough negativity in the world!

Do you have anything you have overcome?  Did anyone tell you that you couldn’t do something and  you proved them wrong?  Tell us about it!