The other day one of our Plum Crazy friends posted this in our group “You know you’re a crafter when…” and we all got lots of laughs out of it.  Here’s how this conversation went. (Julie G is the one who started it so we blame her!)  Trust me…my list pretty long, but I want embarrass myself by stating all the obvious crafty facts!


Julie G – Your kids want to make a leprechaun trap and they ask for “twine, washi, shabby flowers and pinking shears.

Meranda – You’re the first person anyone asks to make or tell them how to make something for class, their house, their wedding, their party, etc.

Sabrina – You buy your 5 year old a sewing machine so you can sew together. 

Meranda – You can’t throw any container away because you could potentially repurpose it. Nevermind that you have a box of containers you’ve not yet found a purpose for. Someday!

Julie G – When you find a little hole in a piece of well-loved clothing, your first thought is “I finally found the perfect fabric for that quilt I was thinking of making!

Julie G – You bring a glue gun on your getaway weekend! (a little jab at our friend Mary)

Julie G – You are gathering ingredients to make a coffee cake, and find packets of embroidery needles and tape measures in your baking cupboard. #rightnowatmyhouse

Heather S – You have a craft room that looks like a bomb went off

Meranda – Heather let’s be honest you could have stopped at “You have a craft room”… normal non-crafty people don’t dedicate an entire room of their home to a single hobby. lol

Jennifer K – You girls are funny! I was nodding my head reading these 

Heather S – LOL so true Meranda

Dana – When you know with all your heart you and your plethora of supplies have outgrown your craft room and your deepest desire is to have your husband offer to build you an outside studio.

Meranda – Dana when I realized I had too many supplies, I went through what I’d never use again or tools I’d upgraded, and made a donate pile. Put them in a box and a bag (it was a lot) and gave it to my nextdoor neighbor who has a 12 yo girl.  They have gotten a lot of use by her and I have more space for more stuff that I am currently into. 

Dana – I need to have a stamp sale and find a better storage solution for all my wool garments I’ve been collecting to make bags and purses and such. That’s a good start, anyways. lol

Meranda – Remember that photo I posted in January of my craft room bomb going off? That was the great purge of 2014. lol. My room is way more functional now that I culled the herd. (But I STILL have a bin of containers for someday lol)

Julie G – An outside studio would be awesome JUST BECAUSE IT WOULD BE AWESOME!

Meranda – when you see something cute at the store, your first thought is “I COULD MAKE THAT!” lol

Beth G – I have the off site studio, and there are pros and cons but I totally concur with Meranda, I’ve been doing that all day!! LOL


What is it about you that screams “I’m a crafter”?  Don’t worry – we won’t tell anyone. *wink*

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