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I was chosen by Influenster to take the #RevitaliftChallenge by adding L’Oréal’s Revitalift to my daily skincare routine. I’ve never been afraid to share photos of myself with no makeup on (I have plenty of hospital photos of me on social media) so I wasn’t worried about the request for me to share a few photos during the 14-day challenge. However, having just turned 47 and realizing that 50 is coming sooner than I think, I was a little frightened of this photo from Day 1.

Influenster L’Oréal Revitalift Intensive Moisturizer Review

L’Oréal’s Revitalift is developed with Revitalift Triple Power and is an intensive anti-aging day cream moisturizer. 


  1. Introduce the product.
  2. Talk about the problem the product solves.
  3. How does the product work?
  4. Introduce the company.
  5. Summarize what you do and do not like about the product.
  6. If you haven’t used the product yourself, look up other reviews on Amazon, Toys R Us, etc to give more details – don’t be too specific unless you’ve used it yourself.
  7. Talk about where to find the product. Don’t mention competitors.
  8. Finish the post with a “call to action”. “Why do you love this product?” or “Leave a comment letting me know which one you’d like to try first!” … whatever.