Pot / Pan Handle Covers {customized}


Kitchen Accessories: Pot / Pan Handle Covers

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If you’ve read any of my blog posts you’ve probably noticed a theme with regard to my cooking abilities (or lack thereof).  I stink in the kitchen and any time I’m in there a mishap is guaranteed.  At least with these pot/pan handle covers, customized with fabrics of your choice, you can avoid burning your hand on hot handles!

Each one is handmade and slips easily over the end of your pot or pan handle to protect your hands while cooking.  Pick 1 or 2 fabrics for the outside (a solid coordinating fabric will be used for the lining) and I will create something just for you.  If you choose 2 fabrics one will be used as a border near the top (opening).

Choose any fabrics from my fabric selections, and design your own bag today!  Leave a note at checkout letting me know which fabrics you like!


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