Kids Floor Pillow Bed / Mat Cover


Kids Floor Pillow / Mat Cover



Every kid loves hanging out on the floor to watch a movie or read a favorite book. With the kids floor pillow bed / mat, kids can be comfortable while spending quality time on the floor. They are perfect for sleepovers, lounging, naps, camping and more. Lay the floor pillow bed flat out or prop one pillow up against something to sit up.

Each floor pillow is made out of 4-5 yards of quality cotton material which is sewn into sections that fit standard size bed pillows. Each cover will hold 4 or 5 pillows (not included). Pillow sections are created in an envelope style for ease in inserting pillows. Choose from the fabric I have available in my shop, or complete a custom request to let me know what colors and patterns you are looking for.

Orders take approximately 1-2 weeks to complete and ship depending on whether you request fabric that is available in the shop or it must be custom purchased for your specific order.

4 Pillow Bed measures approximately 68″ long x 25″ wide
5 Pillow Bed measures approximately 85″ long x 25″ wide

You can further customize your order by requesting an embroidered name or design on the top pillow (as shown in the pictures).

You can buy the pillows of your liking at a local shop. Walmart often has some good ones for as low as $2.97.

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Floor Pillow Bed

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