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The hedgehog embroidered vinyl key fob is a cute gift for anyone who loves hedgies. These adorable little creatures have captured the hearts of so many people with their rolly polly bodies and smiling faces. If you live in a state that doesn’t allow hedgehogs as pets – you can still have one of your very own by adding this hedgehog key fob to your keychain.

Key fobs are machine embroidered on the front side only. Matching vinyl is attached to the back side using an outline stitch. This makes the key fob very durable! Excess vinyl is hand trimmed, and a functioning, colorful snap is attached to create and secure the loop to the backside. 

The hedgehog is carefully embroidered on high quality marine vinyl and is secured with a durable snap. Choose the type of ring or clasp you would like and hang it on key chains, zippers, tote bags, lunch boxes, and more.

Each key fob is made with love and attention to detail. Colors may vary slightly from original photo. Customization is available related to thread, snap or vinyl color. Hedgehog shown in natural vinyl with brown outline and details, black nose and eye. Think outside the box and create a hedgehog in any color!

Dimensions of the key fob are approximately 3″ by 2″.

Key fobs are made out of durable marine vinyl with appropriate thread colors to match the logo as close as possible. Choose the option for the key ring type you would like – swivel lanyard lobster clasp (ONLY), swivel lanyard lobster clasp with ring, or ring (ONLY). Pictures are shown for clarification.

The key fobs make unique and thoughtful gifts for anyone including: party favors, teachers, family, friends, nannies, graduates, and more!

This listing is for the purchase of ONE key fob. If you are ordering 3 or more of any combination of embroidered key fobs – use coupon code FOB15 to save 15% on your order.

Caring Instructions: Wipe clean with a damp cloth
Marine vinyl is waterproof and is antimicrobial.


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